Aubrey Plaza Smokes ‘Purple Cream’ With The ‘Weed Nuns’ And Gets Blazed AF

Actress Aubrey Plaza smokes a lot of weed. The same can be said for probably 90% of all actors working in Hollywood where cannabis is legal, but she’s made no attempts to hide the fact that she’s a functional stoner. For the latest clip from Cut Video, they’ve gotten former the Parks and Recreation star to smoke the stickiest of the icky with the ‘Weed Nuns’. If you don’t know who the Weed Nuns are, don’t worry, that’s exactly what this video is here to explain.

The Weed Nuns dress like Catholic nuns, but only because of the religious freedom laws here in ‘murica. They’re not actually Catholic nuns at all, though, they have taken vows of ‘chastity, ecology, activism, and service’. Aubrey Plaza grills these weed celebrities with questions about their practice, but only after they’ve been given a really strong joint of ‘purple cream’. The nuns brought that special strand of cannabis for Aubrey and said it’s not part of their medication, that it’s a bud they keep special for the nuns. I take this to mean it’s the strongest weed in California but I could be wrong.

I’ve only ever heard of the ‘weed nuns’ in a random article here or there, but this is the first time I have seen them on camera talking about what it is they do…and I’m still not entirely sure. It seems that they use cannabis as medicine, and they believe that if Jesus was actually real then he probably smoked marijuana, which seems logical given that it was pretty prevalent back then.