The First Look At Disney’s ‘Avatar’ Theme Park Has Us Wanting To Drop Acid And Head To Pandora

Oh yes, balls will be tripped. With the first glimpse at Disney’s ‘Avatar’ world (the next Disney theme park) all I can think about is a bunch of millennials running around Pandora dropping any illicit substance they can get their hands on.

Disney went all-in on the ‘Avatar‘ world after the movie broke box office records 6 years ago. But six years is a really, really long time. And with ‘Avatar 2’ set to be released in 2017, Disney’s facing quite the conundrum as the new park is slated to open doors in 2016.

When word first leaked that Disney was breaking the bank on a new ‘Avatar’ themed park we knew it was going to be awesome, but would it be ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ awesome or would it be similar to Universal’s ‘Harry Potter World’ down the street that’s printing cash hand over foot and which can’t keep enough wands on the shelves for eager park visitors? From this first peak it seems to be the latter. BROS, THE FLOORS CHANGE COLORS!

Even though it’s been almost six years since the release of ‘Avatar’ methinks this place is going to be so badass they’ll quickly take a massive slice of the Orlando revenue heading to ‘Harry Potter World’. After the 2017 release of ‘Avatar 2’ the hype will be unimaginable for this enw park, and soon we’ll be seeing dual-park passes that allow you to skip the lines at both HP World and Avatar’s Pandora…And as a native Floridian, I simply cannot wait for that day.

I just can’t get over this floor…give me all the drugs now!!!! /s

ScreenCrush reports:

The video is dialogue-free, but there’s no need for words. All you really need is the look of sheer terror on the faces of the Disney “Imagineers” (and yes, non-theme park fans, that is what they call them) as they give director James Cameron a tour of their progress so far.

It’s no secret that The World of Pandora is Disney’s attempt to directly battle Universal Studios’s massively popular and gorgeously executed Harry Potter-themed areas a few miles away. But that brings up the big question: even if this ends up being a perfectly executed recreation of the film, will it draw Potter-sized crowds? People are still awfully fond of that boy wizard, but Avatar has fallen off the cultural map in a big way. With Avatar 2 delayed from its original release date, the estimated 2017 opening of The World of Pandora suddenly seems to be about a year too soon.