Steven Avery Claims That The Manitowoc Police Did More Than Just Frame Him For The Murder Of Teresa Halbach

Despite premiering nearly two months ago in December, Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery is still rotting in prison without much hope for release. Granted, he does have a new defense attorney who’s been fighting for him on Twitter as well as in the courtroom, but as of right now he’s rather screwed.

How screwed is Steven? Well, it could be worse — at least he’s been communicating with the world via his aforementioned attorney, Kathleen Zellner, a badass who fights for innocent people who’ve been wrongly imprisoned.

In a note written by Steven and posted by Zellner to her law firm’s Twitter page, Steven claims that the Manitowoc police did more than just frame him for the murder of Teresa Halbach:

Personally, I’ve wavered between believing Steven is innocent and being 50/50 on him, but either way the guy definitely did not receive a fair trial. And how could he? Most of the blood evidence used was complete, utter bullshit and should’ve never been allowed in court. But to claim that not only did the police frame him, but covered up evidence proving someone else besides Steven killed Teresa…that’s quite another leap. I thought they planted evidence, sure, but I never assumed they hid anything contrary to their case. Hell, the case didn’t even make sense in the first place as explained by this alternate theory, but the idea that the police both planted AND hid evidence makes sense…especially considering they did it all those years ago when Steven was accused of rape. I thought lightning never struck the same place twice, but I’m always willing to admit when I’m wrong.

So what will become of Steven Avery? Will he get out of prison? Get a new trial? Get shanked over an argument about jailhouse pork chops and deodorant?

Only time will tell.