Steven Avery’s New High-Profile Lawyer Is On A Twitter Crusade Shooting Down The Case Against Him

avery lawyer

As deeply as America fell in love with Dean Strang and Gary Buting, they were charmingly ineffective at ridding Steven Avery of the murder charges brought against him by the state of Wisconsin.

As the results of the super-popular Netflix series spawned into the deep corners of of pop culture, everyone rightfully had reason to shred the guilty verdict. This is indicative of the 360,000+ people who have signed online petitions seeking a pardon for Steven Avery, which were all deemed useless.

Most of America is hoping that Avery’s new fancy pants Chicago lawyer Kathleen Zellner can achieve what Avery’s lawyers tried valiantly to do. Zellner specializes in overturning wrongful convictions, racking up 17 in total, mostly pro-bono cases. She’s even obtained the release of a death row inmate after convincing the real murderer to confess to the murder.

Judging by her Twitter feed, it looks like the former Lawyer Magazine’s Person of the Year (2014) is going to give the legal system all it can handle.

Guns a’blazing. Save some ammo for the trial, Zellner!

[h/t Uproxx]

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