Some Huge ‘Bad Boys 3’ Details Were Just Confirmed — Which Actors Are Returning And Major Plot Details

Until now it was entirely up in the air on whether or not both Martin Lawrence and Will Smith would return to star in Bad Boys 3, also known as Bad Boys For Life. As reported here recently, Bad Boys For Life now officially has a name and a release date (January 2018), and now we know for certain that this film will star Will Smith and Martin Lawrence after the film’s director Joe Carnahan spilled the beans (via

The director then went on to say that, “There’s only one Will Smith and one Martin Lawrence. You can’t replace those guys and I wouldn’t want to be involved if it wasn’t Will and Martin. They are that franchise.” So, fans can rest assured knowing the new film won’t set up any sort of legacy spin-off. It seems like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will carry the Bad Boys franchise for just a bit longer.

He then went on to tease details about the plot, and up until now there have been all sorts of speculation over whether the film would take place in real time or as a direct sequel to the second installment in the franchise:

“There’s a lot of funny shit in this movie, and there’s also a very mysterious, but tonally spot-on story that I think is kind of perfect for where we are in this day and age, where the guys are and reflectively, a very modern take on these guys. It’s kind of what becomes of Bad Boys when they’re not boys anymore.”
While many fans are excited to see Bad Boys return, there are those fans who’d rather the franchise rest peacefully. However, Carnahan says he’s confident that Bad Boys For Life has “the strongest script of any of those movies. Hands down. In a walk over.”

Will Smith and Martin?
A name for the film (Bad Boys For Life)?
Confirmed release date?
Strongest script of any film in the franchise?

I shit you not when this trailer eventually drops I might actually poop myself with excitement. Be sure to check back here to where we’ll be sharing all the latest and greatest news about Bady Boys For Life!