Bad Lip Reading: The Avengers As Rednecks In A TV Show Is Just Too Perfect

The Bad Lip Reading people are back and better than ever in their latest effort. They took the superheroes from The Avengers and recast them as good ole normal Southern folk in a riveting television show called “Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights.”

The plotlines for this extraordinary TV show include Bruce Banner eating too many donuts, plus Thor and Ironman playing hide-n-go seek. In one episode, Thor eats some bad pig and Loki will not allow him to take a poop. SO SINISTER!

The BLR version of The Avengers has Tony Stark burp right in Pepper Potts’ face to which she responds by doing a Yoda impression, but don’t worry he still loves her for her Beanie Baby collection. Another fantastic storyline is that Captain America wants to bang with his sister Black Widow, but she secretly wants to have sex with Loki. Sadly for Black Widow the forbidden sexcapade will never happen because Loki knows the grim truth that she ran over Lil Buddy Sweeney’s horse. He blackmails her to go to the Piggly Wiggly to get him Skittles, cigarettes and a big pouch of Big League Chew.

Who knew that the crime-fighting in Oklahoma had so much drama!