‘The Rock’ Is Mistaken For Vin Diesel In HBO’s First Trailer For ‘Ballers’ Season Two

HBO’s new released teaser trailer for the second season of ‘Ballers’ starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Rob Corddry just dropped, and it wasn’t nearly as weak as I expected it to be. The trailer incorporates generous helpings of decadently played out drama—insert drugs, sex, and all the dolla bills–and they’re twisting the show’s storyline to bring on some sort of Italian bauslord ‘that’s too big to fail’ and looks like a mentor kind of figure to Johnson’s character Spencer Strasmore. Plus that kiss of death at the end of the teaser is money, bros. I’m having a damn quality time guestimating how much money the studio had to toss The Rock to okay that scene, because to be blunt, it’s some seriously emasculating shit.

Anyways, HBO reports that ‘Ballers’ season one, episode one brought in almost nine million viewers across HBO’s branded platforms, and I’m pretty sure many of those folks plus new fans will be stoked after this teaser trailer for season two to drop this summer.

[H/T: IGN]