I Barely Remember Bam Margera But This Video Where Icelandic Rappers (Wtf) Beat The Crap Out Of Him Is Pretty Neat


Bam Margera Instagram

Bam Margera is known for beating the crap out of his dad on a show on MTV whose title I can’t recall because I’m not a pile of white trash who watched shows starring Bam Margera when I was in middle school. I feel like he skateboards or something too, but I’m only throwing that out there to show I at least know a little bit about him — a fact that I try to hide in every day life. In the past 10 years not knowing jack shit about Bam Margera has been neither a curse nor a blessing, and yet finally the day has come where it’s a curse because I can’t even begin to tell you what the hell he’s been doing with his life since…he finished whatever he used to do (whatever that was). Either way, here’s a video of a bunch of Icelandic rappers (again, wtf) beating him up:

According to the New York Daily News, the Icelandic rappers (still can’t believe a phrase exists in which those two words are intentionally put together) are from the band “Glacier Mafia,” a name that would give you the exciting impression that Bam was attacked by a group of polar bears. Sadly they were just regular ol’ people. Not even people in polar bear costumes, mind you, people in people costumes.


The “Jackass” star was viciously attacked by a gang of Icelandic rappers from the band “Glacier Mafia,” at the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland. Local media and Margera have two very different sides to how the story began. An Iceland newspaper claims that the band attacked him after he harassed several female security guards when they wouldn’t let him go into a production area. Margera’s rep told TMZ that he didn’t harass anyone, although he did try to pass “two women who were blocking him.”

Yeah so I really don’t have much else to say about this. It’s Bam Margera. He’s washed up. According to Google he’s 35. 35!!! A 35-year-old man is getting into fights with Icelandic rappers who call themselves the “Glacier Mafia” at music festivals in Iceland. Someone pass me a molly because that is the most depressing thing I’ve read all day.


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