Bankruptcy Judge Is Pissed At 50 Cent For Taking Pics With Money While In Court

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On Wednesday a bankruptcy judge had called 50 Cent into court to explain all the pictures of him flaunting cash on social media while telling the court that he doesn’t have money to pay his creditors

Instead of showing remorse 50 seemed content on testing the judge.

While in the courthouse 50 took this Instagram pic in with the caption. “I went to court today and all I felt was love. They asked me about my money I said I ain’t got none.”


Bankruptcy judge Ann Nevins was not amused by 50’s picture and scolded the rapper in court.

Via Wall Street Journal

At the end of Wednesday’s court hearing, Judge Ann Nevins reminded the 40-year-old entertainer that cellphones aren’t allowed in the courtroom and hinted at irritation that he isn’t taking the legal process seriously.

“There’s nothing funny going on here. This is very serious stuff,” Judge Nevins said. “I’m not trying to tell anybody what they can or cannot say or how they can exercise their right to free speech, but I would appreciate if we could keep things that are very serious here appropriately viewed that way.”

50 better watch out before this judge makes him pay all that money he owes his creditors in full.

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