Dude Tells Date They’re Going To Drive-In For ‘Batman v Superman’ And All Hell Breaks Loose When She Sees Where It Is

File this one under “incredible pranks if you want to ruin your girlfriend’s day!”

The premise is simple – a dude promised his blind date (Doreen) that they were going to see Batman v Superman at an outdoor, drive-in style theater. What he delivered was, ummmm, shall we say, not up to par with her expectations. And she LOST it.

“Doreen, Doreen, Doreen!!!” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Have you ever seen someone more angry?

And to think all over a movie that the critics are slamming anyway. Poor Doreen, played for a fool.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, bros, and it’s that a folding table and a flat screen in the middle of the street doesn’t constitute a “drive-in movie theater.” At least in the minds of females…specifically named Doreen.

IF you’re in the mood for more funny pranks, look no further…

[h/t DJ D-Roc’em]