All You Need In Your Life Is This 10-Minute, Behind-The-Scenes Look At ‘The Battle Of The Bastards’

Oh man oh man oh man, how good was Game of Thrones last night? Quibble all you want with the satisfying (which some would deem unsatisfying because it’s counter to the typical narrative of the show) ending, it was a god damn great hour of television.

As with many of their best episodes, HBO released a ‘Making Of’ video that is as wonderful to behold as the actual show. This episode was done by the same director, Miguel Sapochnik, who did ‘Hardhome’ last year, and it seems like ten times as much went into making this one.

They had to use cameras on trucks to film the horse scenes. The scene where Jon Snow is standing alone, having the calvary charge at him? That was done with real horses. All the animated arrows going into the animated giant. And my favorite part of this, they spent ten hours filming the scene where Jon punches Ramsay in the face. Ten hours. Ten fucking hours.

Apparently, while filming that, Kit Harrington accidental popped Iwan Rheon in the face for real, and wound up buying him a beer to apologize.

Yea, after you trash a guy’s face that badly, you gotta buy him a beer, fake or not.

[H/T Esquire]

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