This SNL Video Breaks Down EXACTLY What It’s Like To Be Home For The Holidays When You’re In College

You might’ve been looking forward to getting the hell outta your parents house and gaining some independence when you left for college, but let me tell you a secret:

All that independence is going STRAIGHT out the window the moment you walk through your front door.

Why? Because your parents are about to be right up your butthole. Not only are they soooooper excited to have you home, but their way of showing it is going to be by waiting on you hand and foot. Thirsty? Just scream “MOMMMM do we have any SODAA left?” and POOF! 30 seconds later you’re surrounded by 5 different flavors of Coke because your Mom didn’t know which flavor you liked best, so she just brought them all. Oh and fuck paying for things, you’re probably poor which means you get to spend the whole week mooching off the fact that your parents have more than $8.65 in their checking accounts, unlike you.

I’ll let the cast of SNL take it from here.