Ben Affleck To Direct And Star In New Batman Movie Titled ‘The Batman’

There have been rumors swirling that Ben Affleck would direct a solo Batman film called The Batman for some time now, but on Thursday the speculation became a reality. Affleck is teaming with DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to write the upcoming Batman film.

Many believe that the new Caped Crusader film would come out sometime after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the two-part Justice League.

Affleck is already set to direct Live By Night, which just received a greenlight earlier today and begins filming in November. The movie is a gangster story based in Boston, and is the second adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel (Gone Baby Gone) that Affleck has directed.

Johns has a lengthy resume that includes Justice League, Superman), occasional scriptwriter for several DC shows including Arrow, Smallville and The Flash, and he developed the Supergirl series for CBS.

From Deadline:

My studio sources tell me that Affleck and Johns are well in synch and have more than found their rhythm. In fact, they are likely to turn in a script before the end of the summer, prior to Affleck going off to direct Live By Night in November. Affleck postponed that pic to star in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Batman movie would shoot after he finishes Live By Night, and the plot would reflect the Batman character that emerges after Batman V Superman and Justice League, the latter of which comes out November 17, 2017. DC and Warner Bros have set a long list of superhero movies that take the Marvel formula of interspersing characters from one film to the next, so it’s unclear when Affleck’s Batfilm will be slotted.

So I other words, I hope you like Batfleck because you will be seeing him for years to come.