Prepare To Have Your Childhood Shredded By These Amazing ‘Disney Ruined’ Vines With Unnecessary Censorship

If you hold the Disney films of your childhood to be sacrosanct then you might want to peace the heck out of here right now, because with just a little ‘unnecessary censorship’ your favorite Disney movies are about to become raunchy as hell.

Well, to be fair I am mostly talking about Aladdin here, because that’s the movie that ‘Disney Ruined’ seems to focus on the most, but there are others down below that are going to change your entire perception of Disney flicks. I don’t want to editorialize this too much, so I’ll just say that this is similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s recurring ‘Unnecessary Censorship’ sketch, but it focuses in on Disney movies…They all come from the Vine account ‘Disney Ruined’, and they’re pretty fanfuckingtastic.

We can take this movie by movie, so we’ll start with Aladdin and move on from there:

Now let’s move into the ‘miscellaneous’ area, from movies like Wreck It Ralph, the Lion King sequels, Monsters University, and more:

Well bros, you get the point. There’s a whole bunch more over on the ‘Disney Ruined‘ vine account, so if you want to continue further down the rabbit hole you can follow that link and click on over!

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