Steve-O Did An AMA And His Advice On Jerking Off Might Change Your Life Forever, Also Discussed Butt Chugging

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Former Jackass and Wild Boys star Steve-O went on Reddit last night to do an AMA, and in it he discussed what he’s expecting from his upcoming 30-day sentence in jail (for his ‘SeaWorld Sucks’ stunt), the best way to jerk off, and the status of the Jackass 4 movie. Below I’ve pulled everything you need to know from Steve-O‘s AMA, but if you want to read it in full you can follow those links to see and and every one of his responses.

Frankly I’m a little bummed to see these stories/questions/answers come out in AMA, because there’s enough material here to be put into a book, and I think I’d most likely read the shit out of a Steve-O book of stories. Parts of it get a bit dark, like when he discusses his own drug abuse and the substance abuse of his Jackass cast mates. But other parts are pretty phenomenal, like when he clears up why exactly he got kicked out of the University of Miami as a freshmen. So let’s get to Steve-O’s answers, shall we?

Life Advice

If you can give any sort of life advice what would it be?

Jack off with one hand, tickle your balls with the other.

Jackass 4?

Is jackass 4 happening? And when?

If Bam can stay sober and healthy, I suppose it’s possible, but I think it’s unlikely. I’m working really hard to make my own movie happen, wish me luck!

If Steve-O, the dude who tried copious amounts of drugs and other dangerous things, the one seemingly less lacking of sensibility out of all the Jackass crew, but owner of the biggest balls on the planet Earth, tells you that you need to get your life together then yes, definitely this.

Serving Jail Time For His SeaWorld Stunt

How do you expect to be treated as a celebrity in jail?

I’ll be in “protective custody”, which means I will always be alone in a cell. I was in there for five days back in 2002, and I got treated very well– the officers brought me into their office to take photos of my back tattoo (which nobody had ever seen yet), and gave me boxes of cookies and stuff. I think they’ll probably be pretty cool to me again.

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Can we send you care packages?

I don’t think so. I can receive books, but only if they come directly from the publisher. There’s a cool cop who works in the jail who DMed on Instagram and has been answering my questions about it.


I heard that while at the University of Miami you threw a kegger on top of Hecht, the freshman dorm. Any truth to this?

I didn’t have a keg up there, but yeah. I was already on “final disciplinary probation”, but they kicked me out for good after they busted me on that roof.

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