9 Awesome YouTube Channels Every Bro Should Be Subscribed To Right Now

by 4 years ago
best youtube channels for bros


YouTube is great. What isn’t great is surfing around aimlessly looking for something to watch because you’ve already seen everything. That sort of blind channel-surfing just leads to nihilism and despair and as we saw in The Big Lebowski, that sort of thing isn’t good for anyone.

But then how do you find something that’s worth watching? After all, there are seemingly infinite YouTube channels, and 90% of them are filled with nothing but mentally ill vloggers ranting and raving, and that includes a good chunk of the “popular” channels too. Well, as always, I’m here to help.

The next time you’re bored and looking for something to watch on YouTube, why not check out one of the following channels? Hell, you should probably just go ahead and subscribe to them all, because not only are they interesting, they are so interesting that they are nine YouTube channels that every bro should be following.


Chances are, you’ve seen at least one of this dude’s videos because, yes, this is how you go viral. Two words: Muppet mashups. Yes, this is the home of Bert and Ernie spitting the hottest fire, and it’s all just absurdly brilliant. I especially dig the recent Bert and Ernie/”Regulate” mashup which sees our favorite Muppet life-partners recreate the glorious Warren G/Nate Dogg video. Yes, you read that right.

The Film Theorists

This is the channel for everyone who loves movies… and loves overanalyzing them to death even better. It’s gloriously nerdy while at the same time pop-culture aware, which is a super-fun combo, and you’ll find yourself wasting tons of time vegging out watching videos explaining everything from how Batman really could take down Superman to why Luke shouldn’t have (spoiler?) blown up the Death Star.


Do you even lift, bro? BroScienceLife dares to ask this and many other tough questions as Dom Mazzetti teaches you how to lift like a goddamn champion. Or at least to laugh at the sort of bros who live on lifting forums and… well, you know, those guys. It’s very funny, and, you know what? You actually do learn a few things.

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