The Biggest Nude Scene In The History Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is About To Start Filming

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The night is dark and full of spoilers, so gtfo is you’re sensitive about that kind of thing.

Recently we told you that production on Game of Thrones had hit a MAJOR setback because a certain Croatian church was not allowing the flim crew to shoot a scene that involves Cersei walking through the streets of King’s Landing completely nude.

Don’t worry though, because they’ve found a way around it.

After a lot of controversy, Cersei Lannister’s big “Game of Thrones” scene is going to happen after all, thanks to a compromise with Croatian film commissioners.

Initially, the film commission, which TMZ reports is heavily influenced by the local church, wouldn’t create permits for a pivotal scene in which Cersei is stripped and shamed by the High Septon because it would require actress Lena Headey to get naked in an actual church in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

But since the dark sequence — which Gawker called “iconic” — was too important to the “Game of Thrones” narrative to get cut, both sides have found a compromise.

As TMZ revealed, HBO and “Game of Thrones” producers will be allowed to film Cersei walking naked in the streets, so long as she doesn’t set foot in the place of worship. In addition, all nude scenes inside the church will now be shot on a fake set instead.

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So for everyone out there who watches the show strictly for the boobies, don’t worry your pretty little pervy head. You’ll be getting more of it come April.

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