Someone Remade ‘The Cosby Show’ Without Bill Cosby (For Obvious Reasons) And It’s Just As Funny

When you have more than 50 women levying accounts of sexual assault against you, people can pretty much surmise you’re a scumbag. It’s totally fair for them to want nothing to do with you whatsoever.

As is the case with once heralded comedian, Bill Cosby – going from the lovable, jovial guy next door, to the guy next door who resorts to drugging women for the purpose of sleeping with them. That’s the total opposite of a good look.

Determined not to let a once-revered TV show go to waste (it’s now been pulled from pretty much every network), a Brooklyn filmmaker remade the opening credits and a scene from The Cosby Show, but erased any likeness of Bill Cosby in its entirety, quite obviously as a huge “FUCK YOU” to the purported sexual predator.

Still just as funny, though, right?

I mean, the “audience” was still having a good time at least…Gotta tip the hat to Anthony Sneed of 85 North Productions for some pretty stellar (and necessary) editing work here.

[h/t Mashable]