Bill Murray Was In ‘Full Murray Mode’ During His Hilarious Visit With Jimmy Kimmel

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YouTube - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Usually when Jimmy Kimmel has a guest on his show they post maybe two or three videos the next day. That’s not the case when Bill Murray shows up. When Murray shows up there is always so much good material they have to do like they did today and share SIX videos of his appearance.

Murray, who was in New York to watch his beloved Cubs go down 0-2 to the Mets, and I suppose to promote his new film Rock the Kasbah, was not feeling too good about his team. That didn’t stop him from having some fan at Red Sox fans’ expense though.

He also chatted a little bit about his upcoming Netflix project, A Very Murray Christmas, and the fact that despite working for them, he’s never actually used Netflix.

In other words, it was a typical Bill Murray experience.

In this clip Murray discloses his sports superstitions and talks about going to a Cubs-Mets game with Jimmy.

Here Murray talks about the one member of his family that isn’t a Cubs fan and explains why he named one of his sons “Homer.”

This is where he gets in a few digs at Red Sox fans…

In this one Bill recalls why he first came to New York City…

The obligatory discussion of his new film Rock the Kasbah

And finally, Murray hits on his upcoming Netflix Christmas special and the fact that he’s never actually used the video service.