Do You Agree With Bill Murray’s Choice For The SNL Performer Who ‘Did The Best Work Anyone Ever Did’?

Much like it’s impossible to say who was the best baseball player, greatest football player or hottest woman of all time it’s impossible to choose the best Saturday Night Live performer of all time. At least the sports have tangible statistics. You can’t say “Person X was better than Person Y” because comedy is subjective.

Still, the question gets asked, especially of SNL alum.

Bill Murray appeared on The Howard Stern Radio Show today and the topic of SNL greats was broached. Murray himself said that so many talented people have come and gone in Studio 8H he couldn’t possibly name them all. Murray did throw in a newer name. A guy who sometimes gets overlooked but has an impressive SNL resume.

“Well, there’s been extraordinary talent, let’s get real. I don’t want to start listing names because there’s too many that I would forget, but between Eddie Murphy and [Dana] Carvey and Mike Myers and Will Ferrell and so forth … I think Bill Hader probably did the best work anyone ever did on that show … It took him a little while to get going, but once he got going it was extraordinary.”

Did one of the SNL greats just call Bill Hader the greatest? It sure as hell sounded like he did. He, at the very least, added his name into the conversation from this point forward.

Is he right?

H/T Splitsider