Think This Newscaster Will Keep His Job After Dropping The C-Word On Live TV?

by 4 years ago

Yes, this was a complete accident, but let’s check the resume of BBC host Bill Turnbull to see if he can whether a possible shit storm from calling people “cunts” instead of “clients” during the morning news.

“William Robert Jolyon “Bill” Turnbull is a British journalist and presenter, currently employed by the BBC. He is the main male presenter of BBC Breakfast, and also regularly hosts the religious series Songs of Praise.”

Alright, there’s some gravitas there so Turnbull might live another day to call someone else a cunt. People in the UK seem to be having an OK time with the gaffe — they are now setting odds on the next slip on the BBC and whether it will be the c-word or f-word.

Morning TV is fun again!