Bob Barker is Returning to ‘The Price is Right’

Barker will tape one episode to celebrate his 90th birthday, and the audience will have no idea until he steps out on stage. 

One lucky (and unsuspecting) audience attending an upcoming taping of The Price is Right will be treated to an appearance by the game show's longtime host Bob Barker. Barker's pre-taped, one-day appearance will air on his birthday, Dec. 12, during a weeklong tribute (Dec. 9-13). “

Man, talk about the greatest surprise of all-time. Plus, if he's there, you know there's going to be some Plinko. They gotta play Plinko. Let's watch this video of his best moments. 

Doo doo da doo. Doo doo da doo. God, Bob Barker was the best. 

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