Watch Bob Costas Do Shots of Vodka On-Air After an Awesome Segment on Russia Vodka

Screen shot 2014-02-11 at 1.11.44 AM

Poor Bob Costas. Thanks to some tainted Sochi water, he’s fighting a wicked eye-infection that’s causing Twitter to crack jokes about his red stink eyes (here’s a link to J.Camm’s gem-of-the-evening and my photoshop lolz). After the Olympics returned late night after the evening news, NBC launched right into a fantastic, fascinating segment by Mary Carillo on Russian vodka and the liquor’s storied origins in the Motherland. Carillo and Costas discussed before Costas broke out the glasses and toasted to his (not-so-great-right-now) health. Yes, we just watched Bob Costas — the man who likes to belittle Sunday Night Football audiences with preachy essays on — do a shot of vodka on national television.

He is now officially on my very exclusive people-I-need-to-do-shots-with list.

Despite all the bitchiness from sports-Twitter, NBC’s late night Olympics coverage is fucking great. Za zdorovje, Bob!

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