Festival Pulls Plug On The Foo Fighters, They DGAF And Keep Playing Anyway

by 2 years ago

The Foo Fighters played their first major U.S. show in nearly two years on Monday night at the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley. The festival has a very strict 10 p.m. curfew. It is so extremely strict that they did not allow the Foo Fighters to finish playing “Everlong.” So they pulled the plug on the Foo Fighters right in the middle of the band performing one of their most beloved songs, which is sacrilegious. Power or no power, Dave Grohl and the boys DGAF and continued to jam their asses off.

The fan-captured video shows the moment that BottleRock Festival organizers cut the power on the Foo (5:30 mark). Foo Fighters did not give a fuck and continued to rock out. The crowd was inspired to sing-along as well.

Video of the unplanned acoustic version of “Everlong” can be seen in the video below. The footage starts with Grohl and the crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to his wife Jordyn.


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