Do You Like The ‘Bourne’ Movies? Do You Like John Wick? Then Watch Them Battle To The Death In This Mashup Trailer

Everybody LOVES assassins. Two of the top hired killers on the big screen in the past few years are Jason Bourne and John Wick. True professional hitmen. What if they went after each other?

Utilizing footage from the “John Wick” film and the “Jason Bourne” movie as well as the trailers for “John Wick 2,” talented editor Stryder HD pitted these two mercenaries against one another in an epic assassin battle royale.

In the red band trailer, Jason Bourne confronts the killer of his father while John Wick seeks out the one who killed his last possession he received from his dead wife.

From Stryder HD:

I am a huge spy/assassin movie fan and have been a huge fan of the John Wick franchise since it started a few years ago now. Going back to James Bond, these movies have always intrigued me and millions of people all over the world. Here is something I’d love to see come to reality, another famous assassin “Jason Bourne” going up against one of my favorites as of late “John Wick”. Enjoy everyone!

I have my money on John Wick.