Bray Wyatt Appeared On A Morning Show And It’s An Even Bigger Trainwreck Than You’re Imagining

Bray Wyatt Morning Show


Bray Wyatt toes the line between absurd character and possibly real person. People like Bray Wyatt exist but tend to stand out when walking among the normal. People like Bray Wyatt, aren’t usually shopping at the mall or waiting in the Jiffy Lube for their six-point service and they sure as hell aren’t making appearances on morning TV in Louisiana.

So why is Bray Wyatt on morning television? Because sometimes it’s fun to take a slight work of fiction and inject it into reality. It produces moments like these 4 plus minutes of local television gold as Bray Wyatt hits morning TV to advertise a local Raw show that’s probably been sold out for weeks.

First off, these morning show hosts on Good Morning Acadiana have zero idea who Bray Wyatt is and probably would love nothing more than to kill this segment the moment Bray calls his father a war and his mother the society who reinforced it and what does that even mean? Was his father a literal war? Was he in a war? Was the war with Bray? This is heavy shit for people getting dressed for work.

Bray stays in character, as he should, for the entire interview and this needs to happen more often. Anywhere the WWE travels, Bray Wyatt needs to be on the morning show drinking coffee, laughing at weatherman jokes and calling his father the oil that greased the machine of pain that currently moves his body on a path of anarchy. I want Bray in the third hour of The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee.

H/T With Spandex

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