Britney Spears Says She Likes To Paint Topless And Suddenly I’d Like To Have My Picture Painted

by 4 years ago
Britney Spears paints topless

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Britney Spears is a bit of an odd duck, but that’s part of her charm and why we’ve loved her for so many years. So when she says that she likes to do a little painting topless while listening to some Mariah Carey we just go, “Oh, that silly Brit-Brit,” then let our imaginations take over as we have done so many other times before.

Reports the Mirror

While talking on Australian radio show Dan & Maz on 2DayFM yesterday, Brit shared a little TMI when gushing about how much she loves Hero hitmaker Mariah.

“I love Mariah Carey, still to this day,” Britney said. “I was painting in my room – I have an art room and I just paint on the walls and do all this kind of crazy stuff – and I bought her greatest hits and new infinity record yesterday and I was just in there with my top off just like painting and doing all this artsy-fartsy stuff.

“I love her, I love her voice.”

When asked by the hosts if she usually walked around with her top off, Britney replied: “In my art room that’s my place.”

She then apologised for sharing a little too much with sensitive listeners.

Britney Spears creating paintings while topless raises a few questions in my mind. What does she paint? Does she paint people, fruit, landscapes? Does she sell these paintings once she’s done with them? And if so, does revealing the fact that she painted these masterpieces while topless do anything to the price? Because I am guessing that in today’s world, it most certainly does.

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