Bruce Campbell Explains How Randy Savage Was A ‘Macho Man’ On A Movie Set And OHHHH YEAH He Banged Chicks All Day

Bruce Campbell, star of Evil Dead, and professional wrestler Randy “Macho Man” Savage once shared a trailer on the set of Spider-Man. In case you don’t recall, Campbell played a ring announcer/hype man to Savage’s wrestling character Bonesaw McGraw.

The Bonesaw character was a real stretch for the Macho Man. Bonesaw was a bearded wrestler with wild facial hair (but very little on top) who spoke in a raspy voice, wore insane ring attire and large dangling earrings. Macho Man, however, didn’t wear earrings. At least not in the ring.

To really get into character, Savage had to live the life of a man named Bonesaw. It’s called method acting. Savage had to ask himself “what would Bonesaw do?” This lead Macho Man to live his character even after the cameras stop rolling (and to an incredibly unpopular WWBD car decal).

Looks like Bonesaw was the kind of guy who’d bang his girlfriend all day, no matter who was around. According to this clip from Yahoo! Movies, Campbell and Savage shared a trailer and the professional wrestler and Lee Strasberg disciple spent most days sticking his Bonesaw into his girlfriend.

It probably wasn’t the only bone Campbell saw, amma right!?!? (puts up hand, points to it, waits for high-five.)

Ironically, that scene would prove to be Savage’s last in a ring. According to this story, Savage insisted on doing his own stunts while playing Bonesaw. In the match, Randy’s character gets monkey-flipped and lands on his head. Savage’s brother Lanny Poffo claims the stunt took numerous takes and Savage “needed a lot of physical therapy” and he “was never the same.” Instead of turning his neck to see you, Savage was forced to turned his torso.

Thankfully his mid-section was in great shape from all those hours of going over lines.

[via With Spandex]