California’s Biggest Fish Market Looks Like A RIDICULOUS Place To Work

If you head down the 110 to San Pedro from Los Angeles, eventually you’ll hit the harbor and one of the biggest fish markets in North America. Right next to the Crusty Crab, the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is California’s largest fish market, serving fried and steamed fruits of the sea to a over a million people a year. It’s been run by the same two Italian-American families since the 50s — The Ungaro and Amalfitano families. And if you think your boss is a dick, you haven’t experienced anything remotely close to the ball-busting that the family patriarch, Tommy “The Boss” Ungaro Sr., puts his family through.

The folks over at Foodbeast have a TV show about day-to-day life at the San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant. There’s a lot that goes into steaming up all those World Famous Shrimp Trays on a daily basis to millions of hungry people:

The San Pedro Fish Market and Restaurant is one of the largest and most unique seafood dining experiences on the West Coast. With a 50,000 square foot facility that provides seating capacity for more than 3,000 people, the San Pedro Fish Market served more than 1.2 million people last year. On an average Sunday, the market will see about 20,000 visitors.

Within this cohesive family unit, you can instantly notice that this has become more than just a family business, as its evolved into an iconic geographical and cultural landmark in the Port of Los Angeles. Thanks to beautiful seafood platters — like the World Famous Shrimp Tray — and an extensive variety of seafood, it’s easy to see how the Kings Of Fi$h family has built such a legendary reputation.


All the episodes in the series below. This show needs to get on TV ASAP.

Kings Of Fi$h, Ep. 1 — Family Business

Kings Of Fi$h, Ep. 2 — Tommy’s The Boss

Kings Of Fi$h, Ep. 3 — Big Announcement

Kings Of Fi$h, Ep. 4 — Grow Up

Kings Of Fi$h, Ep. 5 — When The Cat’s Away, The Mice Will Play

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