‘Call Of Duty’ Gamer Bro Doesn’t Know His Mic Is On, Sings Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ During A Team Deathmatch

by 4 years ago

When I first got my Xbox One to play Call of Duty, I connected a mic just to see what it’d be like to use it for Team Deathmatches. I hated it’s instantly because (a. I suck and get killed all the time and (b. because I suck and get killed all the time my reactions are something along the lines of “Fuck! That’s Bullshit! What the hell!” over and over and over again. I have nothing interesting to say to random strangers.

BUT, I love listening to other people on the mic. Sometimes people leave it on and you hear the most random things ever. Like one time I was playing and I heard someone’s mom in the background on the phone trying to sell someone a house. I assume she was a real estate agent or something? Another time, I overheard a dude having a ridiculous conversation about Android phones with what sounded like a pizza delivery man. Nothing like a hot mic.

This C.o.D. gamer Bro caught a fellow C.o.D.er signing his Bro heart out to Coldplay’s “Fix You” during a Deathmatch. What an odd song to listen to when you’re running around some dystopian futuristic battleground trying to get as many kills as possible.

The best part is how he responded when the video went viral. What a Bro.



[H/T: Reddit]

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