Check Out All Of These Kickass ‘Call Of Duty’ Moments Torn Straight From The Movies

call of duty movie moments

YouTube - WatchMojo

If you have played any amount of Call of Duty, regardless of which iterations, you probably noticed that there are certain locations and scenes that look very familiar.

That’s because over the years the makers of the game have obviously been heavily influenced by several films as they developed the series.

With references within the games from movies such as Payback, Cliffhanger, Blackhawk Down, Patrol Boat, Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, Wolverines, Stalingrad, Enemy at the Gates and even, yes, Night at the Museum, and more, it’s easy to see just how much the film industry has influenced C.O.D. developers.

And since they have way more time on their hands than the average person, the folks over at WatchMojo were kind enough to put together this fascinating video showing what they consider to be the 10 best Call Of Duty moments ripped straight out of the movies.

See how many of these scenes you recognize…