‘Carmageddon’ Is BACK With A Carnage-Filled Trailer For It’s Latest Iteration ‘Max Damage’

When I was a kid I thought Carmageddon was just about the greatest video game I’d ever seen. My thought process was, wait, you mean you get to just drive around as fast as possible and try to run over people tearing them limb from bloody limb? And you get points for doing it? How cool is this?

That probably doesn’t say very good things about my mindset as a child, but damn, this was some coolass shit.

Sadly, Carmageddon didn’t really do well when it came to the sequel and later follow-ups. I suppose there are only so many ways you can go Death Race 2000 on people and still keep it interesting.

However, that hasn’t stopped Stainless Games from bringing it back one more time in 2016 with the latest edition called Carmageddon: Max Damage.

Perhaps it was just a game ahead of its time and now is the perfect climate for it to rekindle some of its previous glory.

I know that I personally and sitting here after watching the first trailer for Max Damage and I am pretty stoked. Which now probably doesn’t say very good things about my mindset as an adult, but eh, who cares? Let’s go run some shit over!!

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