Casey Affleck As A Regular Joe Going To Dunkin Donuts And Taking ‘A Big Dump’ Is One Of SNL’s Finest Fake Commercials

by 4 years ago

For the good folks from New England, you may watch this video and say, “What’s so funny about this, it’s exactly how my local D&D is.” This is actually a fake commercial from Saturday Night Live parodying a regular Joe getting a cup of joe from a Dunkin Donuts. Cambridge native Casey Affleck stars as a regular Beantown customer to Dunkin Donuts who thinks the joint is a wicked fucking pissah.

“I fucking looooove Dunkin, guy,” Affleck’s character Donny spouts. “Whatya talkin’ about?”

With his Bruins hat on and his arm out the door of the Dunkin Donuts holding a cigarette, Donny says, “I’m like the mayor of Dunkin, this is the face of Dunkin Donuts right here.”

Donny outlines his daily Boston area Dunkin routine, “Grab a cruller, have an extra large, three Parliaments, take a big dump, that’s kinda the routine.”

Donny introduces his friend Dewey, which ends up in a nut tap because his favorite donut is the “vanilla nut caps,” and a brawl inside the donut shop.

The “Good Will Dunkin” skit, ends with with the stereotypical Southie throwing a coffee at a man and telling him to “Go back to Starbucks.”

This is one of the better SNL faux commercials in some time. Enjoy!

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