CBS Has Ordered A ‘True Crime’ Documentary On JonBenet Ramsey – Here’s What You Might’ve Forgotten About The Case

“True Crime” documentaries have become all the rage lately, what with series like Making a Murderer and Serial becoming cultural phenomena almost overnight, it’s no surprise that CBS is gearing up to cash in on what looks like an almost guaranteed success.

Enter: JonBenet Ramsey, a six-year-old American girl who was murdered in her Boulder, Colorado home back in 1996. Police found her body in the basement of her family home, strangled and with a head wound, eight hours after she’d been reported missing. JonBenet’s murderer has yet to be discovered, however in February 2009 the Boulder Police Department reopened their investigation…but to no avail. Her killer remains unknown to this day.

Will the CBS special reveal anything new about the case? Maybe, maybe not – we’ll have to wait to find out.