The CW Just Green Lit A Show With The Greatest Name Ever: ‘Cheerleader Death Squad’

by 5 years ago
cheerleader death squad


I have no idea if this upcoming show on The CW called Cheerleader Death Squad is going to be any good, but you can’t tell me that with a name like that it isn’t going to have the kind of buzz around its premiere that Sharknado did when it first came out.

Cheerleader…Fucking…Death Squad. You know you’ll have to at least watch one episode.

So what the hell is this show going to be all about? According to Variety

“Cheerleader Death Squad” comes from “Desperate Housewives” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” producers Marc Cherry, Neal Baer, Dan Truly and Sabrina Wind.

The one-hour pilot follows a former CIA agent-turned-teacher who realizes that his elite students at a Washington, D.C., prep school have high level access through their personal connections — and trains them to be his eyes and ears in the world of international espionage so he can make his way back into the CIA.

If you’re saying, “that doesn’t sound as cool as the name would imply,” just think about that for a second. How in the hell could ANY description possibly live up to the name Cheerleader Death Squad? Not possible.

Hell, The CW currently has a hit show that won a Golden Globe about a freaking pregnant virgin so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Definitely watching it at least once.

(*No, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have nothing to do with the show. I just think they should.)

Cowboys cheerleaders image by Jeff Schultes/Shutterstock

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