Watch Chewbacca And Waldo Break Up A Brawl Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl On Hollywood Blvd.

Only in Hollywood would there be a free-for-all fight on the street involving Mr. Incredible, Batgirl, Chewbacca, Freddy Kruger and Waldo. Oh yeah, Elsa from Frozen and Spider-Man were also on the scene, because of course they were.

The crazyass video shows Mr. Incredible and Batgirl involved in some kind of altercation, because, according to reports, Mr. Incredible said that Batgirl was “standing too close to him.” Batgirl then scratches Mr. Incredible and breaks free, but Mr. Incredible catches up to her after fighting through Freddy Kruger and Waldo and then punches and kicks her and throws her to the ground. It truly is quite the grand spectacle.

Of course this all happened near where Jimmy Kimmel Live films (makes you wonder if it wasn’t just one of Kimmel’s tricks) so Jimmy tracked down Chewbacca and Waldo to ask them about the wild costumed character scuffle.