Chris Brown Reportedly Kicked Off A Private Jet Bound For Cannes After Baking It Out

Chris Brown’s excursion to the Cannes Film Festival reportedly took a little bit of a detour when the singer and his entourage were removed from their private jet bound for the French Riviera after the pilot reportedly called police because they were hotboxing the plane’s cabin with some chronic.

The singer and his friends were not arrested in connection with the incident, but they were deplaned as one of Brown’s boys chronicled the incident on Snapchat.

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Despite the obvious “We got kicked off the jet for smoking loud” caption attached to one of his bro’s Snaps, Brown vehemently denied he and his boys were the ones getting into drugs on the plane. Instead, he posted an Instagram video where he claimed it was, in fact, the pilot of the jet who was hounding his friends for an 8-ball of cocaine…alas, his crew don’t sell drugs. Or so the R&B artist claimed (in the most douchey, pretentious way possible).

“How the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off a plane? One, marijuana smoke on a plane? I think we learned our lesson. I don’t think we really need drugs on the plane. You should probably check with the pilot, because he definitely kept asking my homies for an 8-ball, and we definitely don’t sell drugs…So I’ma be rich, stay rich and happy.”

Since people have all the reason in the world to set up Chris Brown. Sigh…

[h/t Complex]