Chris Brown In Trouble Again, Now Being Sued By Suge Knight For Being Shot 7 Times At A Club

chris brown suge knight lawsuit

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The hits just keep on coming for Chris Brown. And no we don’t mean songs.

Less than a week after it was reported that he is being sued by his former manager Mike Guirguis for allegedly beating him up Brown is the focus of yet another lawsuit.

And here we thought being portrayed naked in Kanye’s “Famous” video was the worst thing that would happen to Brown this week.

Alas, that is not the case.

Now Suge Knight is suing him for being shot seven times at a party hosted by Brown in 2014.

According to the AP

The lawsuit contends 1 Oak should have taken special security precautions because events hosted by Brown have a history of violence. It accuses Brown of gang ties and a “well-documented track record of hosting events and/or parties in which violence frequently erupted.”

Brown has completed probation in a 2009 felony assault case in which he attacked singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend. He has not been implicated in the August 2014 shooting, and no arrests have been made.

“As a result of the negligence of the defendants, one or more unknown individuals were allowed access to the event with weapons, including firearms,” the lawsuit says. “As a foreseeable result, gunshots were fired by those admitted into the event and (Knight) was shot and seriously injured.”

Suge Knight suing someone with a “well-documented track record” of violence. Wow, irony much?

Singer Pia Mia, who co-hosted the party with Brown, and the 1 OAK nightclub were also named in the suit which does not specify how much money Knight is seeking.

Knight is currently in jail on charges that he ran down two men with his car killing one of them.


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