Watch American Sniper Chris Kyle In A Fascinating Interview With Conan Exactly One Year Before His Death

chris kyle conan interview

YouTube - Team Coco

There has been a lot of fighting back and forth over the record-breaking film American Sniper about the life of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Which is ridiculous because everyone knows that the baby in the film wasn’t real. Oh, wait, that’s not what all the arguing is about? Hmmm…

Anyway, regardless of what one thinks of the film there’s no denying that right or wrong, Chris Kyle lived a life very few of us could even imagine living. And seeing him in this interview with Conan O’Brien done exactly one year to the day before his death might actually provide a touch more insight into the man than even a blockbuster movie was able to do. Not that an interview or a movie will ever tell us what a person is truly all about, but it’s still interesting to hear the man himself talk a little about his life as opposed to just a glossed-up Hollywood version of it.

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