Chris Pratt To Host The 40th Season Premiere Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Because Of Course He Is

chris pratt saturday night live


It must be Chris Pratt Day today as it’s been officially announced that he will host the 40th season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 27th with musical guest Ariana Grande (natch). First we featured his sexy wife Anna Faris telling funny stories on Conan last night and now this. Bro just keeps on winning.

Of course, when one thinks about it, WHO ELSE but Chris Pratt would have been a better choice to get SNL started off this season? Pratt’s been just owning anything and everything he touches this summer: Guardians of the Galaxy, arguably the best Ice Bucket Challenge video, rapping “Forgot About Dre,” flashing Amy Poehler, singing about Jean-Claude Van Damme, living in a van and working at Bubba Gump, braiding an intern’s hair, dude’s been on fire.

Sarah Silverman will be the host of week two’s episode with Maroon 5. So, uh, yeah, enjoy week one.

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Chris Pratt image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock