Total Babe Lauren Mayberry Of CHVRCHES Utterly Annihilated A “Marry Me!” Heckler At A Show

Well, I don’t think that was the reaction the guy screaming, “Marry me! Marry me now!” like a total asshole expected he would get from the CHVRCHES’ vocalist.

Probably assumed everyone would chuckle at it and laugh it off, but no way, man! Not up in here! Not when Lauren Mayberry is behind the mic. You’re at her show, bro. Home turf kind of thing. You’ve got to play by her rules, one of them being: don’t be a total loudmouth, attention-craving douchebag because it ruins the show for literally EVERYONE else here.



Mayberry totally nailed it on the head with her comeback, and I love her for it (in a non-propositioning marriage kind of way because I’m not looking to get embarrassed in front of an entire concert right now).

“What’s the hit rate on that? …When you go into public places and ask women you don’t know if they want to wed you… does that work out well for you sir?”

I actually don’t think there’s one recorded instance where the guy screaming “Marry me!” at a rock concert was successful. And especially not this feeble attempt from an asshole in Central Park. This was the oppositte of that.

CHVRCHES 1, Heckling Asshole 0.

[h/t Mashable]