Comedian Gets Heckled By a Wrestler Who Thinks He’s Ric Flair, Gets Kneed In the Balls

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Ah, the perks of being a working comedian on the road. California-based comedian Grant Lyon was recently doing a set at a club in Chattanooga. One of the jabronis in the crowd was a Ric Flair-esque amateur wrestler who wouldn’t stop being a pain in the dick to Lyon all night. So, as comedians do, Lyon went after him, taking the wrestler to task on the easily mockable fact that he’s a wrestler. Thinking it was his cue to be funny, the wrestler got on stage and pulled the ultimate bitch move: He kneed him in the balls.

Lyon could have easily lost his cool with this tool at this point. He was kneed in the balls after all, which would make any man wince in pain. But he attacked him with words, belittled the guy until he sit the fuck back down.

Good on you, Lyon. Funny guys 1, douchebags 0. Civility wins.

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