This Guy Went To Comic Con In A 9.5-Foot Tall Iron Man Hulkbuster Suit That Took Him 1,600 Hours To Build

Maybe I’m the exception, but spending 1,600 hours on your cosplay costume, even if it is this badass Iron Man Hulkbuster suit, seems like tad much, no? I mean, whatever floats your boat, but come-the-fuck-on, that is a long goddamn time.

That is how long Thomas DePetrillo took to build this. If you want to look at those hours broken down, he spent 200, eight hour days building this monstrosity. It’s basically a year of full-time work or every single hour of his spare time.

I wonder what Thomas DePetrillo does next year. Does he reuse this Hulkbuster like someone who wants to get their money’s worth from a Halloween costume they spent waaaaaay too much on, or does he start from square one and build something else?

[H/T Tech Insider]