Check Out ‘Cop Show’ Because It Perfectly Satirizes Every Stupid Police Drama On TV

We were once a huge fan of police shows — we’d ingest episodes of Law & Order on the treadmill at the gym or power watch a season of The Shield in a weekend. These days — ehh.

It’s not that they aren’t well acted, or well written, they’re just, well, bullshit. Between the wild hunches and the “ripped from the headlines” plots they’re way too heavy on fiction than fact. That’s probably why we were so attracted to Colin Quinn’s new series, Cop Show.

Cop Show is a hilarious new show that takes on the issues the other cops shows are afraid to deal with. Crime, for one. Also the police. And the legal system. The eight-episode comedy series, which takes a fictional behind-the-scenes look at Colin Quinn trying to make an NYC cop drama, features Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Norton, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, SNL’s Michael Che, Peter Grosz, Griffin Newman and other special guest stars in each episode.

Here’s a quick peek at the pilot episode.

Colin Quinn called in to the BroBible podcast to discuss Cop Show, cop shows, SNL, and some of his favorite comedies of all time.

The BroBible Podcast With Special Guest Colin Quinn

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