Someone Figured Out How Much It Would Cost To Build The ‘Back To The Future’ Time Machine

DeLorean Car: $57,000

A Tank-O-Gas: $50


Obviously I’m not going to spoil all of the costs of what it would take to build Back to the Future‘s time machine, there is a whole video that explains it, but I have to talk about something and that something is going to be Marty McFly’s vest.

Did Bros wear vests before McFly put them on the map as the hottest shit in HOTSHITSVILLE? I was barely alive in 1985, but I doubt it. We were probably fumbling around in Bon Jovi jean jackets, trying to figure out how to get laid and then here came Marty sauntering on the screen in the McFlyest vest you’ve ever laid eyes on. Since then, the vest has been a staple item in the Bro wardrobe.


Full Disclosure: I’m wearing a vest right now. 50% to honor Marty, 50% because our office is a Becky “Icebox” O’Shea, and 100% because I look like a sexual tyrannosaurus in it.