Someone Put Cristiano Ronaldo In ‘GTA V’ And It’s WAY More Fun Than You Would Think

The mods and creations to come out of Grand Theft Auto V might be the greatest things we’ve ever seen developed from one single video game.

From Straight Outta Compton music videos to using the Iron Man Hulkbuster suit to recreating the John Wick trailer, it’s all been so outstanding.

And now, now we get to see what it would be like if the most famous athlete in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, were a playable character in GTA V.

From using Cristiano Ronaldo’s soccer skills to knock people off their motorcycles…

To stealing a ride and getting it pimped out in Real Madrid colors…

Turns out being Cristiano Ronaldo in Grand Theft Auto V is probably almost as cool as it would be to be Cristiano Ronaldo in real life. Almost.