‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ Sequel Hit Theaters AND Netflix This Weekend

We got pretty amped about the sequel for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when the trailer came out in December. This weekend Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon — The Sword Of Destiny opens in IMAX theaters AND on Netflix, in case you don’t feel like leaving the couch.  It’s a bold move, appealing to both the hardcore fanboys that will see the martial arts masterpiece via the IMAX experience and the casual fans of the first movie like myself.

That said, movie theaters are pissed. Many don’t want to carry the flick because of the release strategy, presuming it will make it harder to get butts in seats. Via the LA Times:

Theater owners, however, have been fiercely protective of the traditional theatrical release window — the time between when a movie premieres in cinemas and when it is available for home viewing on DVD or video on demand. They argue that dismantling the current window (typically about 90 days) gives consumers less incentive to trek to the multiplex, thereby undermining their business.

Netflix is all about disrupting these models, so let’s see how it plays off.


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