The ‘Daily Show’ Welcomed Everyone To A Shittier New York


If you don’t live in New York City you may be unaware that tensions between City Hall and the police department are high. As a result, many think the men in blue have been pretty much mailing it in and looking the other way on crime.

The slowdown has people fearing the city will revert back to the bad old days when the murder rate soared and everything was a bit seedier.

The Daily Show attempted to put a positive spin on the situation last night. First they suggested a brilliant new slogan (To Chill and Reflect) for the New York Police Department. Then correspondent Jason Jones explained why a shittier New York is actually a better New York.

On a related note, it snowed overnight and the city is blanketed. Considering the tradition of all hell breaking loose in these situations — and adding in the lack of law enforcement being employed — today should be an interesting day in Gotham.

I guess if the site mysteriously disappears around noon it’s because total anarchy has become a reality.

Pray for us, you guys. Pray hard.