Here’s Why Danny Tamberelli From ‘Pete And Pete’ Wasn’t In ‘D2: The Mighty Ducks’ After Appearing In The First One

Back in 1992, Danny Tamberelli had a break-out role in The Mighty Ducks as Tommy Duncan, a defenseman wearing the number 2 on Gordan Bombay’s rag-tag youth hockey team. Tamberelli was 10 at the time (…a few years ago he told a story on Reddit about Emilio Estavez taking the cast to see us all to see Waynes World in the theaters) and the entire experience turned him into a life-long hockey fan.

The role helped propelled Tamberelli to childhood stardom. A couple months later he starred in the beloved Nickelodeon series Pete and Pete, playing the youngest pete, a tattooed seven-year-old wild child. But he was conspicuously absent in Disney’s Mighty Ducks sequels, including in D2 where the Ducks represented Team USA in the Junior Goodwill Games and D3 where the Ducks start to play high school puck. Just look at this cast pic from the D2 locker room:

So what happened? Earlier this week Tamberelli came by the BroBible office to hang out and chat about some things that we’re mutually passionate about: Notably, live music (Danny is a wicked bass player in a band called Jounce) and the influence the band Phish has collectively played on our music interests. Towards the end of our conversation on Facebook Live, someone asked why he wasn’t in D2. Turns out his manager had to break the news to his mom that he didn’t hit puberty fast enough to join Gordan Bombay on Team USA. His mom, in turn, had to break the news to him.

“I didn’t grow up enough. My puberty didn’t hit yet and they were going to be in the Olympics… junior goodwill games? I didn’t watching it because I wasn’t in it.”

Check out the clip above. Watch our entire chill sesh here from BroBible’s Facebook Live here.:

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