Dave Bautista Stopped By The Pratt Household To Show Chris And Anna Faris How To Safely Powerbomb Each Other

WWE Smackdown - Sydney

When I was younger, I always dreamed of being famous. The ship has long since sailed. Bloggers can’t be famous. We sit too much and eat too many TV dinners to be famous. Regardless, looking back, I mostly wanted to be famous so I could hang out with other famous people. I’m not talented. But I totally want to grab beers with people who are talented. Or just bro down with said talented A-listers. Kind of like Dave Bautista did with Chris Pratt and Anna Faris the other day.

Just a couple of bros practicing their powerbombs. Come on, who doesn’t want to be in that room? I’d drop everything just to be the camera guy. That’s Hollywood. Just a couple of bros hanging with each other while simultaneously being incredibly famous. Imagine if regular people tried something like this? Sick bro, you practice wrestling moves with your friends and aren’t famous. Get a job. Routine bro-sessions are about 200% less cool when you’re not famous. Proof: Here’re my friends from college chokeslamming me through our old beer pong table.

Nowhere near as sick as a Hollywood hang sesh. Just an unfamous dude with a dad-bod getting tossed through a very flimsy surface onto hard packed dirt. Where would you rather be? In front of my college townhouse or in Chris Pratt’s wealth-pad?